Siskiyou Productions is a premier film production and video services company based in Grants Pass, Oregon. We are always looking forward to generating a variety of content, from heart-pounding thrillers to knee-slapping comedies. With so much natural beauty and so many million-dollar locations, Southern Oregon is the perfect place to explore and create!




We are dedicated to the the highest quality filming.  This is why we have invested in multiple cameras capable of crisp, high-resolution 4k footage. Alongside our mountable camera equipment and high quality microphones, we also work primarily through the Adobe Creative Suite for the majority of our post-production mastering and video-editing. 


Location Scouting

If you have an idea but aren't sure where or how to go about getting to that point, let us assist you in finding where your proposal needs to take you.  We are capable of finding the proper setting for your project, gathering the appropriate permits, and securing the location.


Sound FX and Music Composition

In our in-house studio, we can apply not only unique and powerful sound fx, we have to ability to create a one-of-a-kind score to make your specific project distinct and exclusive just for you. 


Story Creation

We will work alongside you to flesh out your ideas and compile them into a full-fledged script.  With our collaboration, we can take your idea and help bring it to new heights


We aim not only to showcase the beauty of Southern Oregon, yet more importantly, living by the mantra that if you truly believe in your dreams, we guarantee we will do only our best to help you succeed them through our production services.



Matthew Spickard

is a new producer to independent film. Born in Southern California, Matt was lucky enough to move to Southern Oregon as a child. He now has a wonderful family, some of whom are involved with film and theatre, as well. A glassblower by trade, Matt was inspired to take the leap into independent film after his experiences with community theatre and the wonderful people he's met along the way.

Justin J. Talbot

is a screenwriter who started writing film scripts when he was 16 years old. On his Youtube Channel, "Jay's Daze", he reviews everything from classic to contemporary movies. As a head writer for our first project, Justin has already proven himself capable of provocative and nuanced screenwriting.


Patrick Liam Dolan
was born in New York and raised in Simi Valley, California he has been an avid movie lover his entire life. Upon moving to Grants Pass, Oregon he jumped head first into stage acting. He has starred in numerous productions and has also directed several shows. With over 15 years of experience, Patrick is a crucial part of the team.


Ken Nuckles-Vibert
credited as Kenneth Bradley Vibert

is a Los Angeles native and has been involved in project management for over a decade. In addition to his management knowledge, Kenneth has twenty  years experience in both musical composition and theatrical arts. Kenneth's many talents will be put to good use both behind the scenes and directly for our films as a production manager and sound/music director.

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Contact Us

Our team consists of people with a passion for film with experience in many different aspects of entertainment: theatre, music, film editing, comedy, and so much more! If you're interested in becoming a part of the team or securing us for specific projects, head over to our contact page or email us at