We are nothing without the people we work with and the collaboration we have the fortune to be a part of.  Here, we would like to express the gratitude to members of our community whom have gone above and beyond in attributing to the success of Siskiyou Productions.


Trinity Spickard

The daughter of our Executive Producer, Matthew Spickard, Trinity has been an essential role in Siskiyou Productions and we have nothing but the utmost respect and gratefulness for her.

Trinity is a Senior at Grants Pass High School and an active member of the theatre community. From her very first audition in 2015 she fell in love with the theatre. Since then, she has dedicated roughly 1,500 hours to the theatre companies in the Rogue ValleyRecently, she has been thoroughly enjoying being on the stage in productions such as ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and Eve Ensler’s Monologues, but she got her start behind the scenes.


She has learned her way around the theatre (and her own life in many ways) through stage management. It has taught her to be organized, patient, detail oriented, and calm in the face of chaos. She attributes a lot of her success to being trusted with a job as important as stage management. One of the best things that has come out of her time in theatre has been the bond she has built with her dad. She managed to rope him into auditioning for a production and low and behold he was incredible. It has been such a joy to share her love of theatre and the arts with her best friend.

 Trinity was front-and-center in the creation of the story of 'From the Dark.,' has also helped along-side us on set, has been an amazing Stage Manager to everyone of us through previous endeavors, and really - is just a shining example to all of us to live through our hearts, never waver, and always ensure to put our best foot forward.

A solid portion of the unseen magic that happens behind the scenes comes from Thomas La Fever.  Tom is crucial to the artistic component of Siskiyou Productions.

His father helped to teach him and instilled a passion that changed the way he viewed the world. He began doing theatre through his high school, following in his older brother's footsteps and learning from Todd Rose and Kelly Gibson. Tom's interests also have broken through to the tech world in which he has multiple certificates for coding, networking, and application design and will continue to offer his support through this medium for the company.

Tom is an avid writer of poetry and a musician. He published his first book of Poetry in early 2018 entitled 'Listen' under the name T.J La Fever. Tom's love of music started at age 13, but took off in his high school years after forming a band with is friends. From then, he joined the collaboration, Type I.a., alongside fellow band-mates Kenneth Vibert and Connor Bennett. ​The music, and other snippets from the band can be viewed on the Facebook Page for 'Type I.a
' (pronounced 'One A').  The collaboration that was formed through Type I.a. helped lay the ground work for his current work with Siskiyou Productions.  At this time, he assists in helping to compose projects' scores for Siskiyou Productions, as well as creating vivid body art through the use of makeup design.

Tom looks forward to what the future brings with Siskiyou Productions, and more importantly, what his close friends will do with the films they create.


Thomas La Fever